2020 Goals

January 16, 2020 0 Comments

2020 Goals

Do you make a New Years Resolution? 

I used to, but it was never something I put a ton of thought into. "I want to lose 10 pounds" and then I'd become part of the 70% percent of people who forget about their resolutions by February. Oops. 

Then I started focusing on a word of the year. I really like the idea of carrying a word or intention with me into the new year as a guiding principle or focus.

Last year my word was 'consistency'. If I show up consistently in all areas of my life, what kind of results could I see? While I may not have thought about the actual word on a daily (or even monthly basis), I can honestly say I was consistent throughout the year. I showed up to do the work every night; even when it was hard or I was tired. 2019 was my most successful year yet, so I have to say the work paid off!

This year, I'm focusing on the word GROWTH. 

I want to do the things that will help me grow as a quilter, pattern designer, business owner, wife, mother, runner, and friend. I am going to step out of my comfort zone and send the scary emails. I am going to take on the projects that challenge me and require me to put myself out there a little more. I am going to set goals that are a stretch and celebrate when I achieve them. And, I hope you keep me accountable. :)

On that note, here are my quilting goals for 2020:

1. Make a dent in my UFO pile - Last year, I got into a habit of making quilt tops and not quilting them. As a result, I have quite a few quilt tops just waiting to be basted and quilted. I think I'll send a few of them off to a longarmer, but the smaller ones I can do myself. I just need to set aside the time to do it. 

2. Write and release 3 new patterns - new pattern number 1 is designed and ready to be made, written, tested, and released! 

3. Host a 2 Quilt a Longs - I have the first one in the works! Stay tuned for more info on a Noughts and Crosses QAL starting in February. 

4. Pollinate Quilt progress - I have an EPP project that I've been slowly stitching on. I'd like to get the second rosette completed this year. Saturdays will be set aside to work on my Pollinate!

5. Make a quilt just for fun - it is really important to me that quilting stay fun. I don't want to get burned out by making a business out of my creative hobby. So, that means making time for quilts or projects that are just for me. I moved my daughter to a big girl bed this year, so I think she needs a new quilt to go with it!

Bonus goal: teach my best friend to make a quilt. She lives in a different state, but I'm determined to make it happen eventually. 

My UFO List
  • Baby Square Burst (needs to be basted/quilted)
  • West Palm Square Burst (needs backing)
  • Shells (needs backing)
  • Sunset Jawbreaker (needs backing - possible longarm option)
  • Poinsettia Summer Garden (needs to be basted/quilted)
  • West Palm Summer Garden (needs backing)
  • Mod Boxwood (needs backing)
  • Aubade Disappearing 4 patch (needs binding)
  • Noughts and Crosses Pillows (needs to be basted/quilted)

That list isn't as bad as I thought. I could easily aim to cross one quilt off the list each month. 

Your turn! 

Tell me what you are most excited about for 2020. It can be a quilt you want to make, a goal you want to achieve, or whatever you are most looking forward to!