I'm a 30 something, work from home, mom of 1 kiddo and 2 dogs. I am an athletic trainer by day, and a quilter by night. I don't have tons of free time to dedicate to sewing so I like to make the most of the time I have!

I made my first quilt in 2014. It was an American Flag to hang on the wall. I didn't like the proportions of the pattern, so I added some length to make the quilt more accurately sized (like a real flag). Looking back it's funny, the very first quilt I made, I was already toying with the pattern to suit my needs.

Every pattern I followed since that first one, I would edit or change. It wasn't long before I was designing my own quilts. I love the challenge of taking what I see in my head and translating it to fabric. 

I am originally from Texas, but I've spent the last several years moving about the country with my Army husband. We are currently in coastal Georgia enjoying the beaches and Spanish moss. :)