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November 28, 2018

Every year I’m asked to make a Christmas List. And every year, I hem and haw and put it off until the last minute because I don’t know what I want. Or, I give really vague suggestions that aren’t helpful to anyone. 

This year, however, I’m on top of my game. I’m asking for quilting notions and supplies I can never have enough of, and the things that I haven’t purchased for myself because it feels like a splurge. 

Since I was writing up the list anyway, I figured I’d share it in case you need some ideas as well!

Easy gift ideas for quilters

The Essentials

These are the tools and notions that aren't sexy or exciting, but are ones that are used daily. I know, personally, I put off spending money on this stuff because I would rather buy something fun...like fabric. 

Extra rotary cutter - I could remember to take my rotary cutter downstairs with me when I need to use the big table to cut fabric, or I could have an extra one to keep downstairs and save myself the trouble. Either way, these get used a ton, and it never hurts to have a spare. It is also handy to have a smaller one for cutting curves or around a template, and a larger one to easily cut multiple layers of fabric. 

Extra rotary cutter blades - I am notorious for leaving my blades in my rotary cutter until I'm practically hacking away at my fabric. Then, when I finally change the blade, it slices through the fabric like butter and I wonder why I waited so damn long to change the blade. Fresh blades make cleaner cuts which improves accuracy. Fresh blades also require less force making it easier on the wrist and hands. 

Curved safety pins - these guys fall under the "can never have too many" category. It is no fun to run out of pins 2/3 of the way through basting a quilt (ask me how I know). While every quilt needs to be basted before it can be quilted, it doesn't have to be basted with pins. This spray is a good alternative to pin-basting. 

Wonder clips - these guys are so incredibly handy. They can be used for everything: binding the quilt, holding EPP shapes together for hand sewing, keeping stack of blocks together to keep organized, etc. Wonder clips also fall in the "can never have too many" category. 

Aurifil thread cone - aurifil is my go to thread for both piecing and quilting. It is 100% cotton, comes in every color imaginable, and isn't quite as linty in my machine. Win-win-win. 

Glass head pins - the last thing in my "can never have too many" category. They are thin enough that they don't leave visible marks or holes in the fabric, but also strong enough to withstand not being bent easily. Because they are made of glass, the fabric can be pressed with the pins in place. 

    The Fun Stuff

    These are things things that feel frivolous and would be considered a "splurge". So, I rarely buy them for myself because if I'm spending money on quilting, I'd rather being buying something I need...like fabric. 

    Specialty Rulers - such as the Bloc-loc which makes trimming HSTs and flying geese blocks easier, or the Stripology ruler which allows you to cut a bunch of strips in a short amount of time. 

    Fancy, extra sharp scissors - such as these beauties from Warm Crochet. Not only would they be incredibly useful to snip threads, but they make a fun prop for Quilty IG photos. 

    Reversible cutting mat - I would argue that every quilter has a self-healing cutting mat. But this one is high on my list of wants. It is white on one side and black on the other. Imagine the beautiful IG photos! Go for at least the 18"x 24", but get the 24"x36" if you can! If fancy IG photos aren't important, these self-healing mats are really excellent quality. 

    Magnetic pin holder - this one is worn on the wrist. There is nothing handier than easy access to pins no matter if you are sitting at the sewing machine or standing at your ironing board. Etsy makes some really cute bowls like this or this that would also make great gifts.  

      Gift cards to online fabric stores - buying new fabric is one of the great joys in life that is only topped by buying new fabric with a gift card. Fat Quarter Shop, Fabric Bubb, and Stash Fabrics are my go-to options.

      I hope this gives you a good start on buying the perfect gift for you favorite quilter. Or, me if that's who you are shopping for. ;)


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