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September 21, 2022

Hurrication is finally out in the world and I couldn't be happier about it!

This one has been in my drafts for a couple years now, and I am excited to finally get it out into the world. It was inspired by my time living in coastal Georgia. We had only lived there for a couple of months when we had to evacuate for a hurricane. My sweet neighbor invited us to come stay at her family home a few hours away. It ended up being a really fun way to spend a few days, so we jokingly called it our “hurrication” for the rest of the time we were neighbors. And, luckily, the hurricane that was coming our way took a detour at the last minute, and there was minimal rain and wind damage to our area. *Phew*

This is one of my most versatile patterns I've designed so far, and I can't wait to see what you all do with it! Here are some important details that you need to know about the pattern: the Hurrication pattern is a traditionally pieced pattern that includes three sizes (baby, throw, and bed) and two design variations (scrappy and modern solids). This pattern is good for an intermediate quilter. I'd recommend having a couple quilts under your belt before tackling this one.

For my cover quilt, I knew I had to use my go-to for solids: Cotton Couture by Michael Miller. The colors I used in this quilt are Cadet, Denim, Sea, and Delft with a background of Soft White. I love how soothing and calming these colors are together - despite the scary weather inspiration behind the quilt. It is a little like the feeling of relief once the weather has cleared!

The quilting for this Hurrication cover quilt is by Katie Hanson of Modern Textiles. She used the Mike's Swoosh pantograph which is basically the perfect design for this pattern - the swirly effect of the design looks like the pattern a hurricane makes on a weather radar! I'm not saying ALL Hurrication quilts should have this quilting design, buuuut it is a pretty great combo if I do say so myself! 

You can get your own copy of the PDF or paper versions in the shop now! Make sure to tag me in your makes so I can admire your work and use the hashtags #rsqpatterns and #runningstitchquilts on your social posts!


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