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June 20, 2023

Square Burst is a pattern that has become a fan favorite. It's definitely one that I often find myself coming back to again and again. I think this is because there are so many ways the Square Burst quilt can be made. This particular pattern holds a special place in my heart, as it was one of the very first designs I came up with and released back in 2019 (if memory serves me right!). Since its original release, Square Burst has undergone a little makeover, receiving a well-deserved revamp and a vibrant new cover quilt back in 2021. So if you see the "2.0" in the pattern title, that's what that's all about. ;)

In addition to revising the Square Burst pattern, I went the extra mile and whipped up three unique versions of the quilt (check out the cover, cornerstones, and minimalist versions). Among them, my blue minimalist version, which you can see above, gained a lot of attention and quickly became a fan favorite. It has been one of my most popular quilts on Pinterest, and the one I get the most emails about! Lots of people have a quilt crush on this version and I totally get it - I do too!

I was getting the itch to make another minimalist version of this quilt, so when Fableism came out with their Everyday Chambray line, I immediately ordered the Rosa color and a coordinating plaid fabric from the Arcade Wovens line. I was so excited when I got these fabrics in the mail. I might have even done a little happy dance too. I think some of you can probably relate to this "happy mail" feeling! 

In case you've never sewn with wovens like this before, I would recommend shortening your stitch length. By using a shortened stitch length, you essentially provide additional reinforcement within the seams of the quilt. This small change ensures that the quilt withstands the demands of regular use and the occasional tug or pull - hello quilt forts!

Okay I'm about to gush about these fabrics real quick. The fabrics I used in the Rosa Square Burst are the epitome of softness. Each time I came back to making this quilt and I'd pick up the fabric pieces again, I couldn't help but be surprised by just how nice the fabric felt. The final quilt that came out of this is just so cuddly and is a true testament to the amazing quality of the Fableism fabrics! If ever you get the opportunity to sew with any of the Fableism fabrics, I totally recommend you do it! Okay okay, that's it... for now. Ha!


The Rosa Square Burst was longarm quilted by the wonderful Katie Hanson, owner of the amazing Modern Textiles. I leaned on her to use her expertise in longarm quilting to pick which panotgraph I should go with. She selected the traditional Baptist Fans design and of course it was perfect! 

I love that Katie's choice of the Baptist Fans motif was a deliberate nod to traditional quilting. The curved lines of the pantograph work really well to soften the straight lines and angles in the patchwork of the Square Burst quilt pattern. 

I absolutely love how this quilt turned out. This is has definitely become my new favorite quilt. If you'd like to make a Square Burst just like mine, I have quilt kits in stock in my shop just for you! I can't wait to see some quilt twins out there in the quilty world!

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Fabric Details:

All fabrics are Fableism

- Color 1: Everyday Chambray in Rosa

- Color 2: Arcade Woven in Soft Rose (also used for binding)

- Color 3: Sprout Woven in Sugar

- Backing: Arcade Woven in Cherry Blossom


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