All Printed Patterns Are Now BACK IN STOCK!

July 24, 2023

The Weavers Cottage Quilt Pattern is now available! You can find the PDF and Printed versions in my shop! 

Weavers Cottage is my newest quilt pattern out now! This quilt pattern offers two layout options - the Weaver and Cottage layouts. The Weaver layout includes the dotted sashing, whereas the Cottage layout is made without it. While this pattern is rated as an intermediate pattern, the Cottage layout is definitely the more "beginner friendly" of the two options!

This quilt can be made using standard yardage requirements or fat quarters! If you are new to quilting and don't know what a fat quarter is, let me share a little information about them with you!

Fat quarters are pre-cut pieces of fabric that measure approximately 18 x 21 inches, or half of a half yard cut of fabric. They are versatile and perfect for quilting projects as they provide enough fabric to showcase the fabric print and array of colors in the design. Quilt patterns, like Weavers Cottage, are sometimes designed to use fat quarters, allowing you to create amazingly scrappy-looking quilts without the need for such an extensive scrap collection. You can often find fat quarters at most places that carry quilting fabric, so they are super easy to pick up and collect for that perfect future project.

Okay okay, back to my Weavers Cottage quilt!

The Fabric

When I went to QuiltCon in February of this year, I promised myself that I wouldn't go crazy buying things I didn't need from the expo. Except, I walked into the Ruby Star Society booth and fell in love with the Reign fabric collection designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale in person. That was the fastest purchase of fabric I've ever made! I picked up a half yard bundle, because there was something about the sparkly gold metallic accents in the florals snared me!

I will say that I rarely buy fabric without a specific project in mind (see: why I got rid of my fabric stash) making it even more unusual that I impulsively bought this bundle. You know it's good fabric when this happens! But I immediately put it to good use by making my first Weavers Cottage sample in the Weaver layout with it.

The Weavers Cottage pattern normally uses 9 fabrics (plus an accent), but I wanted to use as many fabrics as I could from the fabric collection bundle I picked up. So I doubled the number of fabrics needed to 18 for the main prints. I also made the sashing accent scrappy by using a different black print for each sashing dot. This makes you end up with a little extra leftover fabric from each, but I feel like it's totally worth it!

Here's a little fun fact for you: I actually changed the construction of the quilt halfway through piecing this quilt top. I typically like to write the quilt pattern before sewing a sample. This kind of helps me act as my own pattern tester when I do this. And it turns out, I realized I wanted to make a change to my pattern as I was piecing it! The testing phase is always so much fun... :)

The Quilting 

My Reign Weavers Cottage sample was quilted by the ever-so-lovely Katie Hanson of Modern Textiles. She used the pantograph Contempo from Karlee Porter Design. We went with a white thread to match the background color of this quilt.

The backing fabric and binding fabric are the same for this Weavers Cottage sample! I used the Speckled Metallic Berry fabric, because it pairs perfectly with the colors from this collection. Plus, the little metallic bits from it also match the little metallic bits from Reign too!


I really hope you all enjoy this quilt pattern as much as I do. Check out my blog for information about other Weavers Cottage Quilts I made! If you'd like to purchase the pattern, you can do so using the links below!

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