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May 22, 2019

Pressing is one of the unsung heroes of quilting. A nicely pressed seam improves the accuracy of the quilt block and helps the whole quilt top lay flatter. Many of the quilters I am friends with on Instagram started raving about a wool pressing mat recently. So I bought one to try for myself. 

Ive been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say, I love it. I can’t imagine going back to pressing HSTs or flying geese without it. 

Last week, I asked my IG stories what questions you had about the wool pressing mats. Here are the most common questions I got: 

Does it really make seams that much flatter?

- Yes. Without question. Below is an example of an HST pressed on my ironing board and my wool pressing mat only pressed on one side for a few seconds. 

Honest review of the Project Wool Pressing Mat by Julie of Running Stitch Quilts.

Does it really speed up the process?

- Again, yes. Due to the way the wool traps the heat, it’s like the seam gets pressed from both sides at once. So, I no longer need to take the extra time/step to flip the block and press from the other side. 

Honest review of the Project Wool Pressing Mat by Julie of Running Stitch Quilts.

Does it smell?

- The only time I thought I detected a faint odor was during a marathon pressing session when the heat/moisture from the iron kind of built up in the mat. As soon as as the mat cooled off, the faint odor went away. It also didn't affect my fabric in any way. I have had more marathon pressing sessions since then, and haven't noticed any more weird smells after that first time. It definitely doesn’t stink up the room or anything. 

Do you cover it? 

- Nope, I do not. I have not had any problems with color transfer or any adverse reactions to my fabric while using the mat. I would hesitate to cover the mat with something that would block or hinder the advantages of using a wool pressing mat in the first place. 

Do you put anything underneath the mat?

- I currently have mine sitting on top of my pressing board or ironing board so I haven’t had to worry about that. I have noticed that the heat goes all the way through the mat so I wouldn’t use it on my dining room table or surface I cared about without something underneath just in case. Below is a picture of my current set up. Ironing board as a base and extra "table" space. My wool mat sits on top of my homemade pressing board (just because I don't have anywhere else to put that pressing board and it makes a nice carrying tray to move from room to room). 

Honest review of the Project Wool Pressing Mat by Julie of Running Stitch Quilts.

What size do you have?

- Mine is 14"x14". In a perfect world, I would have an amazing sewing studio with a huge pressing station, but I don't have that just yet. I need something that is portable (sometimes I do my pressing upstairs where my sewing machine is and sometimes I do it downstairs hanging out with my family), yet big enough to accommodate the size of the majority of blocks that I make. This size fits the bill for that. With my mat sitting on my ironing board, I have pressed an entire throw size quilt top easily. Just scooted things along as needed. 

How do I get one?

- I teamed up with Project Wool Mats to give you a 10% off coupon code!

  • Head to
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  • Discount will be available until June 30, 2019. :)

Honest review of the Project Wool Pressing Mat by Julie of Running Stitch Quilts.


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Honest review of a wool pressing mat by Julie of Running Stitch Quilts