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October 03, 2022

Welcome back to the Hurrication QAL!

We made it to the last week! This week is all about assembling your quilt top. 

Let's get started. :)





Planning Your Layout

If you are making a scrappy or ombre layout, figuring out the layout takes a bit more time and consideration. I go into more depth about the ombre version in this blog post, but when I'm planning a random, scrappy layout, I like to just get all of the blocks onto the design wall (or laid out on the floor). From there, I move blocks around until the lights/darks are balanced. I try not to have the same fabric in two blocks right next to each other if possible, but that's just a personal preference. 

When I'm happy with the layout, the final step before sewing the rows together is to take a black and white picture. This helps to see the value of the fabrics and it is easier to catch if there is a too dark or too light area. 


Assembling the Quilt Top

I've mentioned this before, but I rarely use pins when piecing my blocks. That being said, I always use pins when piecing my rows. Pinning helps keep the rows straight and the seams aligned. For this quilt, I put a pin at each intersection and each triangle point. 


When putting the rows together, I sew them together in pairs, then sew the pairs together. This helps keep everything straight, in order, and easier to handle the bulk on my sewing table. 


That's it!!

I am obsessed with how mine turned out. I love every single thing about it. :)


Quilting Ideas

My cover quilt was long arm quilted with the edge to edge pantograph, Mike's Swoosh. I loved the swirly effect of the quilting that played into the hurricane theme. 

My ombre quilt was quilted on my domestic machine with straight lines that are approximately 3/4" apart. I don't personally free motion quilt, so if I'm quilting something myself, I usually go for straight lines. 

Other edge to edge pantos I considered were Modern Curves and Echoed Swirls. I think either of those would have worked well. 

If I were to quilt another one myself, I think a diagonal lines following the background fabric would look nice! Or, keep it simple and stitch in the ditch. :)


Now, onto the PRIZES!



Jill of J. Coterie is giving away free long arming services (up to $250) and will offer 20% off on any quilt you send in to her! Jill has quilted most of my cover quilts and I think she does excellent work! I love sending my quilts to her. Sign up for Jill's newsletter here!


Rachel of Saltwater Fabrics is giving away a $50 gift card to her shop! Rachel puts together some of my favorite quilt kits and bundles. 

To enter in the giveaway:

– Share your progress on instagram using the hashtag #hurricationqal and #rsqpatterns. (Your Instagram account must be public or I won't be able to see it.)

Sign up for Jill's newsletter :)

I will randomly pick one winner on Sunday night and announce it in next weeks email newsletter and in my IG stories!

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