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October 03, 2022

🎶 I like scrap quilts and I cannot lie! 🎶


I love this scrappy Hurrication quilt so much!

Scrappy Hurrication Quilt - Running Stitch Quilts

The fabric I used for this quilt came from Kristin Quinn Creative. Kristin made a quilt with a similar bundle for Modernly Morgan, and I fell in love with it. I reached out to her and asked her if she could expand the bundle to 20 prints for me and this is what she came up with!

Scrappy Hurrication Fabric Pull - Running Stitch Quilts

Choosing the layout of this scrappy quilt was a process of mixing and matching until the layout was just right. I wanted to make sure the colors within the quilt flowed nicely from one another. I actually have a blog about planning this ombre layout that you can read all about here!

Layout of Scrappy Ombre Hurrication Quilt - Running Stitch Quilts

I decided to use Floral Elements by AGF in Antique Rose for my backing fabric. I figured that since the front has so many colors and patterns going on, the backing should be calm and pretty neutral for the quilt. I think it pairs nicely with the scrappy Hurrication top!

Scrappy Hurrication Quilt - Running Stitch Quilts

I decide to quilt this scrappy ombre Hurrication quilt myself on my domestic sewing machine. I chose straight-line quilting approximately 1" apart. If you need a trusty, quick quilting design, you can't go wrong with straight-line quilting! 

Scrappy Hurrication Quilt - Running Stitch Quilts

The scrappy binding is hands down my favorite part of this quilt! I think everyone should have at least one scrappy bound quilt under their quilting belt. It adds so much fun and flair to the quilt - especially if you choose to add it to a simple solids only quilt!


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Scrappy Hurrication Quilt - Running Stitch Quilts